This was a fun project where I wanted to re-imagine the GDI Wolverine from Westwood Studio's Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun in a more up-to-date art style. I'm a huge fan of the designs of that game even though they really don't hold up today.

This also doubled as an experiment into "Kit Bash" modeling vs traditional modeling. It took 2 days to complete the "high res" model using this technique although it does have significant limitations. It is a fantastic way to "sketch" design ideas and see what works and what doesn't for rapid prototyping. The results ended up being so good that I used it for high poly to low poly bakes to create a game-res model. Surprisingly the low poly took approximate 5 days to model, which further highlights just how powerful of a workflow kit-bashing can be.

Waqas iqbal wolverine mediumres 01
Waqas iqbal wolverine mediumres 02
Waqas iqbal wolverine mediumres 03
Waqas iqbal wolverine mediumres 04

Wolverine Turntable High Resolution Model

Wolverine - Walkcycle

Waqas iqbal wolverine low 01
Waqas iqbal wolverine low 02
Waqas iqbal wolverine low 03
Waqas iqbal wolverine low 04
Waqas iqbal rx wolverine